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With a history of family funeral directing since 1959, my family and I have opened our original Locks Heath funeral home in Lyndale Road, Southampton. With its central location between Fareham and Southampton our Locks Heath premises are available to all within the Southampton, Fareham and surrounding areas.


I have been involved in funeral service from a young age with over 26 years in funeral service, firstly under the expert eyes of my grandfather Bernard and father Glynne and Uncle Clive and then by entering corporate funeral service with mid to large sized concerns both locally and afar. I owe so much to my family for the start I was given in funeral service in Woolston and Locks Heath, but sadly the family firm was sold in the mid 90's after some ill health from my father but I stayed with the new owners for a while, learned and perfected my craft.


I was also privileged during that time to be chosen by my fellow professionals as the Chairman of the Southampton and District Branch of the National Association of Funeral Directors, becoming the fourth member of my family to hold this coveted office of which I was justly proud to hold. Then opportunities arose to join larger firms and gain invaluable management experience within the corporate sector of funeral service within Dignity firms in Bitterne, Hedge End and Chandlers Ford. Along with arranging and conducting funerals, I became a staff trainer, branch manager and after becoming a casualty of redundancy in Southampton a re-deployment move to Aldershot followed. There I became a business manager in North Hampshire and West Surrey areas.


But while it may be easy to take the man out of Southampton, it isn't as easy to take Southampton out of the man and after eighteen months working away I finally decided that Southampton and its surrounding districts and villages are where my heart is. I am looking forward to once more providing a very traditional funeral service from our Lyndale Road office, which rather uniquely is also our home. Clients old and new can be assured that when we say we bring someone into our care, we really mean it.


Being tucked away down a quiet residential cul-de-sac we can provide a very different and more personal level of care compared to high street shop funeral directors where the funeral staff close up and leave the premises unattended at night. The fact that we live where we work provides great comfort to the bereaved, they realise that we actually do look after their loved one, 24 hours of the day until the day of the funeral. Compared to corporate funeral providers, there is no 9 to 5 in family funeral service!


I want to turn the clock back a bit really, which may sound a bit strange but I believe a lot of what funeral service is really all about has been lost amongst the corporate companies and co-operatives, things like actually listening to someone, being there for them, giving them time and actually providing what they need. I am acutely aware that everyone is different, there is no one package funeral that will suit everyone which is why all funerals are arranged and conducted in the way the family wish, we arrange things together. I will guide you through the myriad of choices available and then agree the costs. In fact families will be quite pleased to know that our fees are on average 20% lower than some of our local competitors.


Inevitably there are going to be costs involved but I want people to know that they will only ever be charged for what they request, require or need. They will never be charged for something that is unnecessary or unwanted. And with no sales targets or share holders to satisfy or time restraints, we can tailor the funeral to suit any budget whether it's a simple farewell within the local churchyard or a full Victorian horse drawn funeral procession and ceremony of which our family are famous for providing.


But there is one thing that will never change between clients and that is the level of service that each and every client will receive and that will always, without question, be the highest. It is well known that clients who have used the larger firms are often pleasantly surprised and pleased to find out that we can provide a comparable service at a considerably reduced cost and that is something we are proud of. Family's should not be misled by companies offering low-cost funerals as some make extra charges for the most basic of services that I consider as standard such as the use of my Chapel of rest to say that final goodbye.


Through experience, I know that the bereaved are very often in a vulnerable position and that vulnerability can be exploited. I will never do that. My charges are fair, fully inclusive and will be considerably less of an expense on someone's estate than most other funeral providers locally. This will of course benefit the beneficiaries of an estate whether it be family, friends or charity. In fact I am so confident that I can better any quotation given without compromising on quality or level of service.


Whatever your financial circumstances I am confident of providing your loved one with a funeral service to be proud of whilst maintaining renowned high standards of service and care to you. In short, my commitment to you and your family is nothing short of absolute.

We'll help you personalise the funeral service to help you say your last goodbyes.

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