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Economical coffin providers use U.K. suppliers, they are all manufactured in the U.K. and are fully compliant with all regulations, giving you complete piece of mind that the coffin you are buying really is good for the environment and is cost effective.

Doesn’t that limit my choice? No! Due to the nature of the materials and processes we use we can offer a wide range of styles and finishes to meet your desires and budget.


The National Association of Funeral Directors Environmental Advisory group has produced these two documents dispelling the myth about Cardboard and chipboard coffins. Please click the link to find out more.


Please click here to read an article about sustainability in coffins.


Our Traditional Coffin Selection


The Meon - £400

An elm-coloured, paper wood effect coffin, furnished with either brass effect handles for gentlemen or nickel silver for ladies. Matching wreath holders adorn the flat lid along with an engraved name plate. Simply lined inside with pillow, white satin frilling and matching night robe.



The Hamble

The traditional oak veneer  coffin, furnished with either brass or nickel handles as above, matching wreath holders and engraved name plate. Lined inside with pillow, white taffeta frilling and matching night robe.



The Itchen

As the Meon above but with a rich mahogany real wood veneer.



The Test

The Test coffin is a real wood oak veneered coffin with the added extras of pressed panelled sides and a raised lid section for a more elegant look. It is fully furnished with the best bar handles in either electro brass or nickel finishes with matching wreath holders and engraved name plate. The inside is fully lined with pillow, satin and taffeta and comes with a double inside and outside luxury frilling and matching night robe.



The Avon - As above but in a rich mahogany real wood veneer.



Traditional Solid Oak-

Before there was a choice, this was the only style of coffin available to the undertaker, who actually usually made it himself. True to original design this traditional coffin is made from selected solid oak that has been sustainably sourced and is fitted with metal furniture throughout. It has traditional double mouldings and comes fully lined with pillow and satin interior.


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Traditional and stylish coffins in Park Gate, Southampton

the hamble coffin the kitchen coffin the test coffin the avon coffin





The Finest Traditional Solid Oak







Beautiful hand wovan coffins from £695

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